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Click on the MY GARAGE button to enter in your personal info you would like the public to see and vehicle information.  This info will be stored here in your garage so that you will not have to re enter it for future events you want to register for.  Also it can be a point of contact if you wish and a place to display your vehicle.


You can create a DSB (digital show board) that will be tagged with a unique QR code.   It will direct anyone who scans it to your vehicles information and DSB.  You control what information will be displayed along with any photos or DSB you create.


We offer basic digital show board templates you can use to create your own DSP to be displayed.  

QR code plaques and other show accessories are available as well that can be displayed with your vehicle.  Once the QR code is scanned your Digital Display Board will be displayed on the phone or mobile device.

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